Accepting Bitcoins

Due to the issues we've had with Paypal, we wil be giving Bitcoins a trial run as an alternative. This comes with a few pros and cons, being the main pro the ability for anyone to buy bitcoins anywhere in the world, wether you have a credit card or you decide to buy them in person at some sort of agency and the con that it might be a bit *hard* to start using them (Unless bought in person, most sites will require you to sign up for the first time)

If you decide to try out this new system, you can google a bit about BitCoins and where to buy them (Be it a local trader or over Internet, there are several companies doing so, however very few worldwide-support, so make sure you find one that has support in your country)

As usual, if you run into some fees over the whole bitcoin-acquisition proccess, make sure to let us know and we will chip in some extra DPs to cover up for those.

For the time being, bitcoin donations will be proccessed within 24 hours and the DP rate for donations will be BTC => USD => DP. (BTC => USD rate will be based on Coinbase's Info for the day of the transaction

The process of buying bitcoins is pretty scary at first, but once you get used to it and find a trader you can trust, its pretty straight forward. Just make sure you get our address right! :P

Bitcoin Address: 162MSTZxaXY35RLBszTV75VRX9BBecNr1N

Once you've sent the BitCoins, make sure to send us an email to with the following information: Subject: BitCoin Donation Your name: Donations Account Email: Transaction ID: Amount Sent: Also, if you encountered fees during the transaction, be sure to send us a pic of the receipt and we will cover them.

March Update

On November, out paypal account was blocked, which forced us to open a second account, which again was blocked. While all donations have been received, the money is being held by paypal.

Since March, our secondary account was further blocked and is no longer allowed to receive payments

I'v been paying for the server's upkeep since then and will continue to do so until the issue is sorted. We have no ETA on when will this be (Its been 4 months so far...).

Western Union Donations are still being accepted (remember to send us a picture of the receipt so we can add the fees to your DPs), however, with the regular one-week delay.

If you know of a reliable/trusted alternative for paypal, feel free to send us a suggestion to

End of March Update

In order to provide to you the best service and offer to you the best gaming experience ever in DarkRO, we need to constantly maintain and update the server. The current dedicated hosts (Pie and Force) cost around $1600USD/month. The web host also costs around $2400USD per year. If you want to help us pay the hosting fees, you are most welcomed to donate.

If you decide to donate, please read carefuly our donation policy presented below which states important points that need to be respected at all times.

You may donate via Paypal. You will earn Donation Points (DP) when you donate. These can be used to get a free gift of your choice as a sign of gratitude for your valuable contribuation. Log into the Control Panel for more information about Donation Points and gifts.


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