In order to play DarkRO, you require kRO and the DarkRO Files.
First download and install kRO, afterwards download and install the DarkRO Installer

kRO Files from RateMyServer (About 1.5GB) offers the most up to date kRO installation files required to play.

  1. Download all 11 rar files listed on the website.
  2. Extract them to your desired destination

DarkRO Installer (220.59 MB)

This file is a basic installer containing only DarkRO files. This file should be downloaded after installing kRO

  1. Download the DarkRO Lite Setup file.
  2. Install it to your RO directory.
  3. Run the DarkRO-Updater and when completed, start your incredible journey into the dark world of RO!

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