NPCs / scripts

This is our treasury of custom stuffs. The following is a list of all the custom npcs, items, pets and jobs we have implemented into our servers.

On all servers

Elven Ears Quest NPC

Gives quest for Elven Ears
Geffen - (127, 49)Author: eAthena

Fashion Glasses NPC

Gives quest for Fashion Glasses
Izlude - (135,96)Author: eAthena

Iron Cain Quest NPC

Gives quest for Iron Cain
Payon - (109,118)Author: eAthena

Old Woman

Gives quest to get the Berzebub Card
Prontera - (165,178)Author: jabs


Allows you to vote in Polls
Prontera - Near the main RoadAuthor: acky

PVP Blackjack

Allows you to play Blackjack with your friends
Inside Prontera - (222,36)Author: acky

Race Girl

Allows you to be part of a race in Morocc
Morocc - (166,105)Author: acky

Son Mudo

Gives access to Tougijou (Arena) Event
Gonryu - (180,117)Author: eAthena

Sunglasses Trader

Gives quest to get Slotted Sunglasses
Alberta - (88,193)Author: amichan


Warps you to almost anywhere
Almost on every mapsAuthor: eAthena

2-2 Class Shop

Sells you lots of equips and stuffs
Prontera - (155,216)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Adoption Man

Allows a couple to adopt a lvl 1/1 novice
Prontera Church - (28, 177)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Black Jack Dealer

Offers you to play some Black Jack
Prontera - (146,156)Author: kobra_k88 - Modified for DarkRO


Send messages for you accross the whole map or server
Found in all major locations. Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Frederick Second

Can marry two players
Prontera Church - (100,123)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO


Heals you for a fee (free on Force)
Almost in every citiesAuthor: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Lotto NPC

1/2500 chance to win the jackpot (1/10000 on Force)
Prontera - (164,170)Author: Chronik - Modified for DarkRO

Reset Girl

Resets your skills for a fee
Prontera - (150,193)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO


Can change you hair color and style
Prontera - (170,180)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Angel of Prontera

Tells you which GMs are online
Travels around in PronteraAuthor: Maurice - Created for DarkRO


Chuunin that will make you pass the Genin exam
Louyang - (272,112)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

Novice Guide

Gives you a Novice Starter kit
Prontera - (146,161)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

Orc Master

Removes the green "orcish" head effect
Prontera - (145,209)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

Valkyrie Crafter

Can craft refined wings out of this world
Gonryun - (37,22)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

Wings Collector

Crafts wings (Devil, Angel Wings, ...)
Prontera - (98,198)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

Card Remover

Gives quest so that you can extract cards from equips
Inside Prontera - (28,73)Author: TyrNemesis


Only on DarkRO Force

Bank Clerk

Stores your money in the bank (for a little fee)
Prontera - (131,190)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

MVP Egg Summoner

Summons MVP Egg for a fee
Prontera - (181,191)Author: css25

Platinum Skill

Assigns quests skills for each classes
Prontera - (128,200)Author: eAthena

Universal Rental

Warps you to the MVP arena
Prontera - (122,200)Author: eAthena

Job Master

Changes your job
Prontera - (153,193)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Kafra Bank

Bank with an interest percentage
Prontera - (131,190)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

MVP Warper

Warps you to the MVP arena
Prontera - (150,189)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Shopping Mall

Warps you to the shopping mall
Prontera - (161,189)Author: kyokusanagi - Modified for DarkRO


When dying, 'Morning Dew of Yggdrasil' will resurrect you
Author: Scott and Maurice - Created for DarkRO

C3PO & R2D2

Introduces you to the Force and more...
Prontera - (144,151)Author: Maurice and Raye - Created for DarkRO

Credit Agent

Exchange your zeny for Credits
Prontera - (128,213)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

Dead Branch Room

Gives access to the DB Room
Prontera - (165,155)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

Gold Room

Allows you to enter the Gold Room
Prontera - (165,145)Author: Maurice and Scott - Created for DarkRO


Gives quest for the famous Icarus Wings
Prontera - (87,209)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO


Can exchange your headprotector for sunglasses
Prontera - (184,194)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

PVP Stats

Shows Top 10 players in the PVP Arena
Prontera - (173,184)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO

PVP Warper

Warps you to a PVP arena
Prontera - (155,186)Author: Maurice - Created for DarkRO


Only on DarkRO Pie

Mister Mobry

Gives quest to get Dead Branch (+BB - 0.01% chance)
Niflheim - (204,179)Author: GM-Yevon

LK's Servant

Lord Kaho's Horns quests
Geffen - (115,107)Author: eAthena - Modified for DarkRO

Shady Man

Gives information to access the Black Market (for a fee)
Prontera - (126,186)Author: Nameroc - Modified for DarkRO


Plus many more custom NPCs and scripts!


This is our treasury of custom stuffs. The following is a list of all the custom npcs, items, pets and jobs we have implemented into our servers.


Devil Wings

Nice black devilish looking wings
AGI + 2, 5% To Inflict Blindness On Monster, Def + 2
Author: Zarcon

Angel Wings

Nice white angelish looking wings
AGI + 1, DEX + 1, Def + 2
Author: Zarcon

Fallen Wings

Great blueish looking wings
AGI + 2, Def + 1
Author: Oskar

Angeling Wings

Cute little wings
AGI + 1, Def + 1
Author: Cutey Noggin

Gargoyle Wings

Wings of the Gargoyles
DEX + 6, 10% Resistance to Undead Attack, 5% chance to inflict Stone, Def + 2
Author: Gratia Huang

Torn Wings

Lucky charm wings
LUK + 6, 10% Resistance to Wind Attack, 5% chance to inflict Silence and +5 to Perfect Dodge, Def + 2Author: Unknown

Demon Wings

Demoniac wings
STR + 6, 10% Resistance to Darkness, 5% chance to inflict Bleeding, Def + 2
Author: Zarcon

Arctic Wings

Elemental wings
INT + 6, 10% Resistance to Water Attack, 5% chance to inflict Freeze, Def + 2
Author: Zarcon

Phoenix Wings

Elemental wings
VIT + 6, 10% Resistance to Fire Attack, 5% chance to inflict Blindness, Def + 2
Author: Zarcon

White Butterfly Wings

Little butterfly wings
AGI + 8, Max SP + 2%, Movement speed increased by 10%, Def + 2
Author: Penpon

Black Butterfly Wings

Little butterfly wings
AGI + 8, STR + 1, Movement speed increased by 10%, Def + 2
Author: Original: Kai. Modification: DarkRO Designer Team - Modified for DarkRO

Icarus Wings

Legendary Icarus' Wings - AGI + 15, 10% Resistance to Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ghost, Dark, Holy and 50% Resistance to Undead Attack, 10% more damage against Dark, Holy and Undead properties, Def + 4Author: Ayane

Dragon Wings

Most powerful wings of the realm - All Stats + 5, Attack Element: Wind, Immune to Darkness, 5% chance to inflict Curse, 10% more damage on Demi-Humans and 30% damage reduction from Dragons, Def + 10Author: Unknown



Hokage's Hat

Hat of the Hokage - Gives extra strength (+20) and resistance to fire (+50), while lowering own resistance to water (10%)Author: DarkRO Designer Team - Everet and Erodoeth - Created for DarkRO

Kakashi's head protector

Protector worn by Kakashi - Little more powerful than the Leaf's headprotector (Strength +15) and 5% increase of movement speed. Same drawbacks...Author: Unknown

Country of Leaf's headprotector

Worn by genins
STR +10, 50% Resistance to Fire Attack but take 50% more damage from Water AttackAuthor: Mozart~

Country of Sand's headprotector

Worn by genins
AGI +10, 50% Resistance to Wind Attack but take 50% more damage from Earth AttackAuthor: Mozart~

Country of Water's headprotector

Worn by genins
INT +10, 50% Resistance to Water Attack but take 50% more damage from Fire AttackAuthor: Mozart~

Country of Lightning's headprotector

Worn by genins
LUK +10, 25% Resistance to Holy Attack, but take 25% more damage from Dark AttackAuthor: Mozart~

Country of Earth's headprotector

Worn by genins
VIT +10, 50% Resistance to Earth Attack but take 50% more damage from Wind AttackAuthor: Mozart~

Country of Sound's headprotector

Worn by genins
DEX +10, 50% Resistance to Silence + 10% To inflict Silence on a monster
Author: Mozart~

Traveler's Hat

Best friend of the traveler - LUK + 10, AGI + 3, 5% extra Critical damage and 5% more damage when attacking, Def + 5
Author: Berezu

Valkyrie Helm

Rare item from God's realm - DEX + 5, STR + 5, 10% less damage from Demi-Humans but receives 10% more damage from Shadow property attacks, Def + 5
Author: Gratia Huang




Jobs: Knight and Crusader Classes. Big, long and powerful sword
Atk 200, 3 slots, Def 7, AGI - 2
Author: Ayane



Falcon Sprite

Fire falcon for Snipers

Author: Pakpil

Falcon Sprite 2

Blue Chubby bird for Snipers

Author: Gravity (an Homunculus)

Secret Items

Other items that you can win through custom quests at a certain level... (we're not revealing everything :)
Author: DarkRO Development and Designer Team - Created for DarkRO


Plus many more custom items!


This is our treasury of custom stuffs. The following is a list of all the custom npcs, items, pets and jobs we have implemented into our servers.

Custom Monsters

Ayame Man

Spawnable by GMs only

Dark Poring

Note: used in Padawan/Jedi/Sith quests
Prontera fields

Fire Poring

Spawnable by GMs only

Giant Baphomet

Spawnable by GMs only

Hollow Poring

Spawnable by GMs only


Spawnable by GMs only

Pumpkin Ring

Spawnable by GMs only

Scorpion King

Spawnable by GMs only


Custom Pets (MVP Mobs)

Amon Ra

MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner

Dark Lord

MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner

Golden Thief Bug

MVP Egg Summoner

Incantation Samurai

MVP Egg Summoner

Lord Of Death

MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner

MC Cameri

MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner

Orc Hero

MVP Egg Summoner

Orc Lord

MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner

RSX 0806

MVP Egg Summoner

Tao Gunka

MVP Egg Summoner

Turtle General

MVP Egg Summoner


MVP Egg Summoner

Valaris Worshipper

MVP Egg Summoner

Wander Man

MVP Egg Summoner


Plus some more custom pets to be discovered!

Custom Star Wars Jobs

Custom DarkRO Force Job

Official public release

Monday, January 23, 2006

After 4 months of hard work, DarkRO is proud to finally introduce its very own Star Wars custom classes: the Padawan, Jedi and Sith classes!

I hope that all of you Star Wars fans will love these new classes featuring complete new custom skills, custom Padawan/Jedi/Sith quests, custom sprites and effects!

Note that although these new classes were being tested in a Beta-Phase version of the server on a 100Mbits dedicated host, some possible bugs might still appear. If that is the case, please report your findings in our DarkRO Bug Tracking System at Thank you for your cooperation!

Since we are now renting a Dedicated host, donations will be most welcomed and really helpful to help us keep the server alive! So, please, if you like this server and the hard work we did for you, I would really appreciate some donations to cover the expenses of the rent. Note that the website host also needs to be paid.

I sincerely thank you for your support to DarkRO :)



Padawan class
  • Type: First/Second Class
  • Max Job Level: 50
  • Sprites: Custom Padawan sprites made for DarkRO
  • Weapons: Blue, Yellow and Purple Lightsabers
  • Skills: Sword Mastery, Increase HP Recovery, Increase SP Recovery, Sense, Heal, Force Mastery, Force Push, Force Pull, Lightsaber Throw, Force Element and Force Jump
  • More info: Talk to C3PO and R2D2 in Prontera
Jedi class
  • Type: Advanced Second Class 1
  • Max Job Level: 255
  • Sprites: Custom Jedi sprites made for DarkRO
  • Weapons: Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red and Green Lightsabers
  • Skills: All Padawan skills, Advanced Force Mastery, Force Shock, Force Fly, Cure, Ruwach, Force Persuasion, Force Sacrifice, Force Transfer, Dual Saber Wielding, Saber Parry, Force Lightning, Jedi Frenzy, Jedi Stealth, Force Concentration and Force Regenerate
Sith class
  • Type: Advanced Second Class 2
  • Max Job Level: 255
  • Sprites: Custom Sith sprites made for DarkRO
  • Weapons: Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red and Green Lightsabers
  • Skills: All Padawan skills, Advanced Force Mastery, Force Wave, Force Duplicate, Force Projection, Force Choke, Cold Skin, Soul Drain, Dual Saber Wielding, Saber Parry, Force Storm, Saber Thrust, Force Concentration and Empire's Recall


Custom skills

Skill tree
  • The Skill Tree can be found here. Note that some skills are not shown in the tree to let you discover them in game (part of the fun ^^). Also, some very few changes have been made. Therefore you might find little differences in game.
  • Force Element is actually the Warm Wind skill (from Taekwon class). The visual effects have completely been redone and translated.
  • Force Jump is actually the High Jump skill (from Taekwon class).
  • Lightsaber Throw is actually the Shield Boomerang skill (from Paladin Class - it's unfortunately impossible to create a duplicate of this skill and use the same kind of effect since it is hardcoded in the client. Special Note: This skill was removed from the Paladin skill tree). The visual effect has been modified for this purpose.
  • The skill Ruwach has been modified to also detect disguised Siths using the Force Duplication skill (therefore Acolytes can also detect them).
  • All the other skills are completely NEW custom skills made for DarkRO!


Custom maps

  • Some ENTIRELY custom made maps have been added to the world of DarkRO. Those maps are mainly used for the custom quests.
Custom Map 1 Custom Map 2
  • You can't warp to or from those maps. You will understand why when you play.
  • If you find any bugs on the new maps, please be sure to report them on the forum. Thanks.


Custom quests

  • The new quests will allow you to change Classes and get stronger in the Jedi or Sith order.
  • The quests won't be that easy. Looking for the npcs will be a tough part of it. This is to maximize the fun factor and avoid having only Padawans, Jedis or Siths in game.
C3PO and R2D2
  • The NPCs sprites and illustrations are also all custom made.
  • C3PO and R2D2 are by far the easiest ones to find. They will give you hints on the other NPCs' locations.


Some limitations

  • The Padawan and Jedi classes are replacing the Taekwon and Star Gladiator classes respectively. However those classes are not supposed to equip weapons in game. They nonetheless always use a particular effect sprite when they fight and that sprite was used to show a default blue lightsaber in combat mode. Due to this limitation, only this blue default one will be shown even though a green or yellow one is equipped... Note that for Siths, we don't have this problem since it's replacing the Soul Linker class that can equip daggers and wands for example. The different lightsabers can therefore be seen when fighting.
  • No, it is not possible to add custom classes without replacing another Class. This limitation is greatly due to the client that doesn't support such additions.



Source of motivation
  • I would like to thank everyone who supported DarkRO since its existence. They completely transformed our community into something unique and uncomparable! Keep up the good work everyone! ^^
Source code modifications
  • Integration of the Jobs in the code: Maurice
  • Custom skills: Maurice
Server side modifications
  • Custom Items database: Maurice
  • Custom Skills database: Maurice
  • Custom Quests: Raye and Maurice
Client side modifications
  • Custom Female Sith sprites provided by: SilverFox
  • Action files (ACT files) for Job sprites and weapons completely redone by: Maurice
  • Custom Skill icons and status icons: Maurice
  • Custom Items and Description icons/pictures: Maurice
  • Custom NPC sprites (C-3PO & R2D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda): Maurice
  • Custom NPC illustrations (C-3PO & R2D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Anakin Skywalker): Maurice
  • Custom skill effects (all properties of Force Element (Old Warm Wind) and Lightsaber Throw): Maurice
  • Custom Maps (Sith Base and Pathway to the Sith Base): Maurice
Concept and ideas
  • Idea of the Job: Scott and Maurice
  • Ideas for the skills: Scott, Maurice and the eAthena Community
  • The GMs and other valuable and dedicated DarkRO players. Thank you!
Special thanks
  • The Star Wars name and concept are properties of Lucasfilm
  • The following sprites were found on eAthena's Forum:
    • The lightsabers, made by: Sorin
    • The Anakin Skywalker NPC, made by: Configuration



© 2013 DarkRO