The following rules must be respected at all times. Note that when joining the server you are agreeing to all those rules.

The 10 commandments

  1. Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk
  2. Thou Shalt Not Taketh Away Ones Honor... and EXP
  3. Thou Shalt Not Taketh Ones Crap
  4. Thou Shalt Not Lag Down Servers with their "Jackass-ness"
  5. Thou Shalt Not be a l33t h4x0rz
  6. Thou Shalt Respect the Services of Merchants
  7. Thou Shalt Not screw other Merchants over
  8. Thou Shalt Not Beg Mercenaries of God for his forgiveness
  9. Thou Shalt Not be a Lazy Bum
  10. Thou Shalt Not Attempt to Steal from their Fellow Players

General behavior

  1. Do not beg for items, zeny or anything else.
  2. Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden (including IPs or url).
  3. Do not abuse the BC (Broadcasting). This includes harassement, insults and non-sense talking (like revealing your own life). The whole server doesn't need to know about your personal issues or problems with others.
  4. Kill Stealing (KSing) won't be tolerated. This applies to DarkRO low rates only since on Force it's PK and anyone can kill someone then KS. Also, it's possible for the victim to defend him/herself and counter-attack.
  5. Do not summon monsters from branches in training areas (fields around towns and low-level dungeons).
  6. Avoid creating unreasonable names: avoid using symbols or inappropriate names.

Relationships with others

  1. Always be respectful to GMs. Insults or verbal harassement towards a GM won't be tolerated. Do not disrespect a GM by accusing him/her of cheating with his/her legit or abusing his/her powers. If you have a good reason to report a GM, just do it here without spreading useless rumours. That won't be tolerated.
  2. Do not ask to be a GM or Sub-GM.
  3. Do not bother the GMs unless you are absolutely sure you cannot solve your problem on your own. Make sure you check the forums before contacting a GM to see if someone else had the same problem solved already.
  4. Impersonating a GM is strictly forbidden. This includes names starting with GM (or anything similar).
  5. Do not impersonate a player.
  6. Do not harass a player (verbally/sexually). Just remember that there are people of all ages playing here. So you need to remain respectful or you might be sanctionned.
  7. Selling items to people for real money is strictly forbidden!

War of Emperium

  1. Do not create a guild with a similar name as another existing guild or use an emblem that is already used by another guild.
  2. Do not use the Friend menu option on players in WoE.
  3. Do not trade players in WoE. This distracts them and make them vulnerable to attacks. (This can be avoided by typing /notrade).

Note: For a complete and more up to date list of rules, please check Game and Forum Rules section of our forums
Depending on the case, things not mentioned here on our forums may be punished if we belive such punishment is deserved


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