Due to time issues, the current WoE statistics script is pretty basic. It only shows current agit owners. this will be improved as time passes by.


Castle Guild Name
Skoegul Creditors
Swanhild Creditors
Holy Shadow Team Danone
Scarlet Palace Team Danone
Gondul Team Danone
Bamboo Grove Hill Team Danone
Bright Arbor Team Danone
Mersetzdeitz Team Danone
Bergel Team Danone
Repherion Team Danone
Rothenburg Creditors
Sacred Altar Creditors
Eeyolbriggar Team Danone
Fadhgridh Team Danone
Kriemhild Creditors
Nuernberg Team Danone
Neuschwanstein Team Danone
Yesnelph Team Danone
Hohenschwangau Team Danone
Wuerzburg Team Danone


Castle Guild Name
Cyr Jedi Council
Horn Jedi Council
Mardol Jedi Council
Bandis Jedi Council
Andlangr DIETY
Hljod Creditors
Skidbladnir Survivor Philippines
Viblainn FourManArmy
Gefn Jedi Council
Himinn DIETY

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